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Allied Machining & Engineering, Inc is a fast-growing contract manufacturing and sourcing service provider, with offices in both USA and China. It was founded by several Chinese scholars who have obtained US engineering Master and Doctoral degrees and had long working experiences in both China and the US and who are deeply rooted in China and at the same time understand thoroughly what US customers need. With our machine shops in China and US, we expand our manufacturing capabilities through qualifying and partnering with other manufacturers, in the areas of equipments, machining, plastics processing, aluminum casting, die and mold making, and fabrication. As an experienced outsourcing service provider, we proudly offer our clients with high quality products, competitive price, essential engineering supports, satisfactory customer services, and more. We stand on our name, keep our promises, and deliver results to our clients.

As a result of globalization, US manufacturers, especially small or medium sized ones, are facing increasingly fierce competitions. To stay competitive, global sourcing will be the solution. As US manufacturers, you may be limited with resources. Allied Machining & Engineering, Inc brings you value-added services that are keys to the success of your sourcing venture, and helps you focus on the end products without the hassles of differences in cultures or standards. We have experienced quality engineers in both US and China, who understand the differences in standards and quality requirements between the two cultures, which will minimize any possible risks that you may experience when you outsource your products. Our team of packing and logistics ensures on-time delivery and competitive rate to you with extreme care and pride.

To provide more flexible solutions and lower costs, Allied Machining & Engineering, Inc has partnered with Precision Products Group, Inc.( PPG is an ISO 9001:2000 registered company, and offers over 15,000 sft storage space for the warehouse solution. When you are ready to place orders with us, you may place orders with PPG, to take the advantage of warehouse solution and FOB USA price; Or you may place orders directly with Allied Machining & Engineering, Inc to have the final products delivered right to your door.

With our quick expansion, we have our new factory strategically built in the high-technology zone of Wuxi City, which is less than 80 miles from Shanghai, the hub of Yangtzi Delta which is a power engine of China's economy. Wuxi is one of the origins of China's modern industry and is regarded as "Little Shanghai". In recent years, it has been developed into the machining and manufacturing center of China. Our US office, located in Maryland, also provides quality services to ensure the success of our cooperation.

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