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Client Testimonials

With Allied Machining & Engineering, we've gotten into areas and I have 5 new customers I know that are repeat business from California, to Texas and New Jersey that I would have never thought of. And I'm also doing business in industries I never would have thought of. We always knew what we could machine, But we didn't know who needed it.

Deb Snyder, A-1 Production, Inc.


I've found some really great customers that just keep coming back. I've gotten work from companies in Maine, and I've found work from companies right next door that I didn't know were looking for work.

Dennis Loveridge, Loveridge Machine Co.


Instead of hiring a full-time person to be our salesman to bring in work, this was an easy step to do it ourselves. About 90% of the contacts we made through Allied Machining & Engineering have stayed with us. I've been pleased with it, and obviously we choose to stay with Allied Machining & Engineering.

Ethan Wetherbee, Protocision Industries, Inc.


Allied Machining & Engineering allows me to find suppliers for parts I have to build in quantity, and it allows me to find suppliers that I never would have found otherwise.

Gary, Fortune 500 Food Equip. Manufacturer


Allied Machining & Engineering in large measure has enabled us to succeed as a company. The amount of effort to post one RFQ is less than it would be to contact one supplier directly. It multiplies our efficiencies by factors of 10 or 20. It's truly been a revolution. In some ways I credit Allied Machining & Engineering as one of the key factors in our success.

George Bertram, Pregis IntelliPack Corp.


Allied Machining & Engineering creates probably 90% of my business. Any other way to try and find customers is an incredible waste of time. Through the website, we've won maybe $700,000 worth of work. But from customers that I've gotten through Allied Machining & Engineering it was probably closer to $4-million. I wouldn't live without it. Not for a minute.

George Krizanovic, NETT Industries


It's a really easy interface to get stuff made in a reasonable amount of time and get exactly what you need the first time.

Graham, Int'l Publisher & Equipment Manufacturer


We've found a lot of suppliers that we wouldn't have even known about without Allied Machining & Engineering. We've found some really good shops. We have vendors from all over the United States and Canada.

Jeff, Pharmaceutical & High-Tech Manufacturer


It was very hard to find the suppliers that can do the work we need for our customers. Allied Machining & Engineering was a big help to us for that.

Lou, Machining and Defense Manufacturer


Allied Machining & Engineering has enabled me to make products … that I never thought about making before. I even have a customer in Australia that I'm making window blinds fabric for. They're pleased, and I'm very pleased. It's things like this that have taken me in new directions, and makes things fun!

Steve Sitkoff, Safety Textile Group



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